Social Media Marketing

Promoting your business through social media marketing can work brilliantly for certain businesses. Target content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Better Brand Exposure

Social media is an excellent way to increase your business's exposure.

Customer Engagement

Positive engagements with your customers can really improve your reputation.

Increase site Traffic

Engaging social media posts have the potential to direct new customers to your website.


Search engines interpret an active social media presence as a sign your business is popular and can help improve your rankings.



Package cost per month



Package cost per month



Package cost per month


Can I change packages at anytime?

All packages are guides to common maintenance setups our clients have previously asked for and can be upgraded at anytime to include new features.

Do you offer payment terms?

All our maintenance plans are paid monthly by Direct Debit

When will I be invoiced for renewals?

All renewals are invoiced 30 days in advance to the date your service will expire.


Maintenance packages are based on a rolling contract basis. Please give 30 day's notice to cancel your plan.

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