Small to medium businesses looking for PDQ Machines

PDQ Machines are an important part of many businesses offering a quick and simple solution to taking payment we often get asked by clients for recommendations of PDQ machine providers.

With new payment processing companies such as iZettle taken a large proportion of start ups with low setup fee’s but higher transaction costs companies often struggle to know what’s the best solution for their business is.

What is a PDQ Machine  

A credit card machine is sometime referred to as a PDQ Machine and people used to think that PDQ stood for Pretty Damn Quick transactions, which is not correct because PDQ, in respect to card processing, stands for Process Data Quickly. They are also called Chip & Pin machines or Card Machines or Credit Card Machines or even just Terminals. 

Who we recommend

Seymour Direct have always deploy the very latest technology when it comes to card processing and their machines have all the latest technology including up to the minute security software to ensure latest PCi requirements.

High value transaction can be performed using Apple Pay and Android Pay including contactless transactions which makes it so easy for customers and is excellent for queue busting.

For over 25 years Seymour Direct have deployed credit card machines that meet every requirement for small independent businesses and their partner bank, Elavon, is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

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