We're upgrading our servers to Cloud Hosting

New Customers

This upgrade will apply to all our customers web hosting packages. All new hosting packages will automatically be created on our cloud hosting platform.

Why Cloud Servers

Modern websites need the speed and stability that traditional single-server hosting struggles to provide on a consistent basis. That is why all our web hosting is cloud hosting.

How Cloud Hosting works

By combining multiple servers to handle your traffic and data in a cloud optimized cluster, your website is not affected by any spikes in traffic or any technical issues that may occur with a server. Our cloud platform adapts instantly to any changes and makes sure your website not always running, but it is at peak performance.

Existing Customers 

Your website data will automatically be transferred over to the new cloud platform.

Will the cost of my web hosting go up?

No, your price remains completely unchanged. We are moving all our customers to a cloud platform for free because we want you to have the best hosting technology.

When will my exising website be moved over?

We are unable to provide customers with a website by website schedule, however this process will be complete by the end of the year.